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Hulu is a streaming app that provides users with a large number of popular movies and series. Hulu has a lot in common with other streaming applications, which makes it easy to use. You can download Hulu for free, but it has in-app purchases. You can watch products that were created by the famous FOX, NBC, ABC companies. The app has been downloaded more than 5 million times. Developers regularly release Hulu updates and improve the overall quality of the application.

Features Review

Hulu Features

After you start the app, you need to create or login to your Hulu account to use all the features of the app. To watch movies, you need to purchase a full version of the app. You can also try out a 7-day trial version.

You should go to the “Home” page to see various recommended movies and series. Also, you can see the “Hulu Picks” section that is based on the products you have already watched. Of course, you can continue your playback by selecting the “Continue Watching” button. There is also a “My Stuff” page. There you can find various movies and channels that were saved. The page works as a favorites list. If you want to search for a particular film, you need to go to the “Search” page and enter the name of the movie or company.

Hulu Design

It is easy to use the Hulu application thanks to the straightforward design. The interface is similar to the interface of other streaming applications. The pages are located at the bottom screen. All you have to do is to select them. The colors of the interface are dark, which makes it easy to use the app during night time. It should not take a lot of time to get used to the interface. You can easily find movies and series that you like.

What Platforms Are Available for Hulu Download?

Hulu app can be downloaded on a large number of platforms. For example, you can install Hulu for iOS and Android platforms. Besides, you can watch Hulu movies via Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Mac, PC Browser, and even gaming consoles, such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The design and features of the app remain the same. Moreover, you can log in to your account from many platforms to watch movies.

Find Different Movies Easily

We recommend you to download the Hulu application because it is one of the most popular streaming apps that offers a large number of available movies and series. Developers regularly update the app and provide users with more movies. You can download Hulu for many popular platforms. However, the app offers in-app purchases. You will have to purchase a subscription to watch movies and series via Hulu. Of course, you can try a 7-day trial version to understand whether you like the app or not. The design of the app makes it easy to start searching for movies and saving them in the favorites list. We hope this Hulu app review was informative and helped you to understand what the app looks like.

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