Panda Pop - Review & Install Links

Panda Pop allows you to work your way through sorts of levels and rescue baby pandas. Users need to match bubbles to help pandas out of the evil baboon that kidnapped them.

The game provides more than 1000 levels with various challenging obstacles with fantastic powerups and combos. The game is well-designed for its stunning graphics and beautiful animations.

Features Review

Top 10 Tips & Cheats to Play Panda Pop

➠ The most important thing is to save the pandas.

➠ Improve your aim before shooting the bubbles.

➠ Remember the achievements while playing to earn bonus.

➠ Master the color-changing bubbles: they change colors in repeating sequence.

➠ Take the Spiked Balls to your advantage.

➠ Connect to Facebook and ask your friends to give you extra lives.

➠ The walls won’t affect your bubbles’ bounce, so try to learn how to angle your aim.

➠ Look carefully at the game loading screen and memorize the future layout. You can even take a screenshot if necessary.

➠ Take use of the power-ups before tossing the bubbles.

➠ Combine your power-ups skillfully.

Connect Facebook to play with your friends, and sync all the game data on different devices. Panda Pop is free to play, but some in-app items can be charged for real money. Enjoy Panda Pop and get exclusive rewards now!

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