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Offered by VOODOO, is an online game in which you can experience the feeling of conquest and achieve your goal of killing every intruder. can be available on smartphones(iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android devices and Windows Phone), and tablet. Aside from that, is also playable in browsers, like Safari and Chrome.

As a multiplayer game, is easy to learn and play where you need to eliminate your opponents by touching their tail to expand your territory. Being a crazed game on Android and iOS now, maybe you need some tips and strategies to help you get 100 percent score.

Features Review

Tips & Strategies

◆ Turning off your Wifi and network connection to disable ads. Thus you can keep yourself focused on the game if you're hardcore practicing.

◆ Watching a timed ad on the title screen helps you get extra lives which you cannot get without data connection.

◆ In corners you can take large chunks if you are sure that no opponents can cut you off. Squeeze near the border if you can make it.

◆ It will be a great bonus if you kill other players. However, you should do it only when you see the obvious opportunity while getting your space.

◆ The best score, current percentage and kill count will appear on the top left of the match if you want to know about that.

◆ You need more or less to start the match from the beginning if you keep failing all the time.


It seems that you may die out of nowhere when you just get started of The ways of where you may die and lose instantly will be listed as follows.

◆ Another player clashes with you when you are in their color.

◆ You will die if you don't connect your drawing line to the bolded base.

◆ Lose if another player disrupts your trail.

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