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YouTube Music is a popular application that was created by Google especially for those, who want to listen to music via YouTube. You can easily find the music clip that is currently on YouTube and listen to it via YouTube Music like you usually do it with the help of any media player. You can download YouTube Music for free, but it offers in-app purchases that can improve the overall impressions of the app. YouTube Music has been downloaded more than 100 million times

Features Review

YouTube Music Features

First of all, you need to login into your Google account in order to use all the functions of the app properly. The app has many default features, so it should not be hard to use it. For example, you will see the "Home" page. There you will see popular and recommended songs. You can go to the "Recommended playlists" section to see music that you may be interested in. Or you can go to the "Good Night Music" to listen to some relaxing soundtracks before sleep.

There is also the "Explore" page, where you can find different singers and songs that are related to various genres. This page is useful for people who want to listen to new songs and authors. You can also create your own playlists, make lists of favorite authors and songs. To see the playlists, you should go to the last page that is called "Library."

YouTube Music Design

YouTube Music has a straightforward design that is similar to many other streaming applications. You will be able to see all the required pages at the bottom of the screen. Also, each page has a certain number of sections that allow you to see more useful information and get more exciting playlists. 

The colors of the interface are not bright. It will be easy to use the app even during night time. It will not be hard to find the song you are looking for because the app will provide you with related results, and they will take a lot of place on your screen so that you wouldn't miss it.

YouTube Music Platforms

You can download YouTube Music app for iOS, Android, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Sonos platforms. It is free to download but offers in-app purchases. The features and design are the same for every platform. If you decide to purchase the full version of the app, you will be able to listen to the songs on the background and without any advertisements.

Listen to the Music With YouTube Music

We recommend you to download YouTube Music because the app easily provides you with music that is currently on YouTube. However, you need to pay some money to get all the features that will make listening comfortable. YouTube Music has a straightforward design, and it should not be hard for you to switch between pages. We hope that you got the information you were looking for from this YouTube Music app review. There are many positive reviews for the application on both Google Play Market and App Store.

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